Updated Simpson News

7/3/17 AOL.Entertainment

The O.J. witness who never testified fears his parole

6/6/16 AOL.News

Friend says O.J. Simpson will someday confess to the murder of his ex-wife

1/27/16 Las Vegas Weekly

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

9/11/15 Radar on line

O.J. Simpson appeal rejected by Nevada Supreme Court

5/23/15 New York Post

Get a glimpse of the cast in OJ Simpson miniseries

4/15/15 Inquisitr

OJ Simpson Beaten By White Supremacist: Inmate Moved After Threatening Simpsonís Life

3/3/15 OpposingViews

O.J. Simpson Prohibited From Getting Knee Surgery, Says He'll Be In A Wheelchair When He Leaves Prison

1/7/15 New York Post

Travolta to play lawyer Shapiro in FX OJ drama

1/7/15 abc News

OJ Simpson Heisman Trophy Recovered, Two Decades Later

12/20/14 WebProNews

David Schwimmer to Play O.J. Simpsonís Attorney Robert Kardashian Sr. Alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. in Miniseries

12/11/14 Huff Post Entertainment

O.J. Simpson Movie Casts Charlotte Kirk As Nicole Brown Simpson

10/31/14 Radar Online

OJ Simpsonís Manager Offers $100,000 Reward To Prove Defense Attorney Is To Blame In Simpsonís Las Vegas Trial

10/27/14 ABC News

OJ Simpson Appeal in Hands of Nevada Supreme Court

9/30/14 ABC News

Prosecutor: No Need for New Trial in Simpson Case

8/28/14 TVNZ

OJ Simpson converts to Islam

7/30/14 Inquisitr

OJ Simpson Is Tired Of Being Called Fat, Begins Epic Diet In Prison

7/16/14 National Inquirer


7/5/14 ABC News

Louis Brown, Father of Nicole Brown Simpson, Dies

6/4/14 Las Vegas Sun

O.J. Simpson files new appeal of Las Vegas robbery conviction

5/30/14 Las Vegas Sun

Court gives O.J. Simpson lawyers a week to resubmit appeal

5/22/14 ABC NEWS

OJ Submits New Appeal in Vegas Robbery Conviction

5/9/14 TodayNews

Ron Goldmanís sister: Why I didnít kill O.J. Simpson when I had the chance

3/12/14 MailOnline

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister reveals how her 'uncle OJ' called her from jail

2/17/14 contactmusic.com

OJ Simpson Isn't Serving Life, So Why Is He Trying To End His Own?


O J Simpson On Hunger Strike

1/11/14 ABC News

OJ Simpson Appeal to Nevada Court Due in April

1/9/14 The Reliable Source

OJ Simpson didnít Ďbeg Obamaí for a release says his lawyer

1/2/14 Mail Online

O.J. Simpson 'is undergoing tests for BRAIN CANCER

12/4/13 ABC News

Simpson Files Appeal Notice to Nevada High Court

11/27/13 Las Vegas Sun

O.J. Simpson denied bid for new trial, but his lawyers vow to keep up fight

10/29/13 CBS Miami *VIDEO

OJ Simpsonís Kendall Home Sold At Auction

10/18/13 MailOnline

OJ Simpson 'wants to host a religious tv show after getting out of prison where he has converted his white supremacist cellmate to Christianity'

10/10/13 Huff Post Crime *VIDEO

O.J. Simpson Judge Says She's Working On Ruling

9/26/13 InvesterPlace

OJ Simpson Busted for Stealing Cookies

8/25/13 Mail Online

OJ Simpson's $500,000 Florida home to be sold at foreclosure auction

7/31/13 Huff Post *VIDEO

O.J. Simpson Wins Small Parole Victory On 2008 Convictions

7/25/13 ABC 15.com

OJ Simpson says he regrets going after memorabilia

7/17/13 Mail Online

OJ Simpson 'has only THREE MONTHS to live because of an extreme case of diabetes'

6/28/13 The Wrap

O.J. Simpson Movie 'An American Mystery' to Star Charlotte Kirk as Nicole Brown Simpson

5/19/13 ABC15.com

OJ Simpson closer to freedom in bid for new trial, lawyers say

5/19/13 CBS8.com

OJ's ex-lawyer contradicts his testimony on guns

5/18/13 ABC News *VIDEO

OJ Simpson's Former Lawyer Takes Stand

5/18/13 RN-T.com

OJ's ex-lawyer contradicts his testimony on guns

5/17/13 KTIV.com *VIDEO

Stunning accusations in OJ hearing

5/17/13 Yahoo!News

OJ Simpson's Trial Lawyer Dismisses Claims

5/16/13 Yahoo!News

OJ back in court; Day 4 of bid for new Vegas trial

5/16/13 OMG *VIDEO

Original Sentencing Judge Jackie Glass Says O.J. Simpson Deserves to Stay in Jail

5/15/13 ABCNews *VIDEO

OJ Simpson Takes the Stand in Retrial Hiring

5/15/13 Yahoo!News *VIDEO

OJ Simpson testifies in bid for new Vegas trial

5/14/13 FoxNews.com

O.J. Simpson was dependent on main attorney, co-counsel testifies

5/14/13 Yahoo!News *VIDEO

Simpson granted 1 hand free during Vegas hearing

5/11/13 Wral Sports

OJ Simpson heads to court to fight for freedom

5/11/13 ABC13 Action News

OJ Simpson to appear in Las Vegas courtroom Monday

4/30/13 Fox5Vegas

OJ Simpson due in Vegas court May 13

2/27/13 The Inquisitr

O.J. Simpson Hit With New Tax Lien, IRS Bill Is Over $500,000

2/13/13 eurweb.com

OJ Simpson Throws Super Bowl Party in his Prison Cell

1/28/13 The Inquisitr

O.J. Simpson Hit With New Tax Lien, IRS Bill Is Over $500,000

11/14/12 Contactmusic.com

Oj Simpson - O.J. Simpson Taxes Take Centre Stage in Fresh Case

11/9/12 Yahoo Sports

Nevada judge sets May hearing in OJ freedom bid

9/13/12 KRNV reno

Nevada court: Vegas DA office can handle OJ appeal

9/11/12 contactmusic.com

O.J. And Khloe K. Are They Really Father And Daughter?

9/8/12 Business & Law

OJ Simpson Prosecutor Claims The Defense Team Tampered With Infamous Glove During Trial

8/24/12 GossipExtra

IRS: OJ Simpson hasnít paid income taxes since 2007

7/24/12 Business Recorder

OJ Simpson movie set to release

5/15/12 The Daily Jeffersonian

New effort filed to free OJ in Nevada

4/10/12 Star Tribune

OJ Simpson's ex-girlfriend charged in Minnesota with stealing pain medication from patient

1/17/12 Yahoo

Bank Foreclosing on O.J. Simpson's Miami House

6/23/11 digitalspy.com

Oprah Winfrey denies OJ Simpson murder confession

6/23/11 contactmusic.com

Oj Simpson Confesses To 1994 Murder Says Report

6/16/11 PopEater.com

Oprah's Dream Interview: A Confessing O.J. Simpson

5/18/11 8newsnow

Nev. High Court Won't Hear OJ Appeal

4/5/11 nicolebithie.com

OJ Simpson Is Getting MarriedÖ

3/29/11 BOSSIP.com

Cry Me A River: OJís Family Says That Prison Food Is Going To Kill HimÖLiterally!!

3/17/11 WISCNEWS.com

OJ appeals conviction to full Nevada Supreme Court

2/16/11 TVNZ

Prison denies OJ Simpson attack

2/3/11 MyNews3

Nevada high court panel turns down OJ

1/4/11 Las Vegas Sun

OJ Simpson co-defendant takes plea deal in Las Vegas heist

12/26/10 RGJ.com

OJ Simpson co-defendant agreeing to plea deal in Las Vegas

12/9/10 FoxSports

OJ co-defendant gets bail before trial

12/6/10 Fox5News

DA Says OJ Simpson Case Doesn't Merit Rehearing

12/2/10 13ActionNews

Bail hearing set Dec. 21 for OJ co-defendant

11/16/10 MY4News

OJ lawyers asking Nevada high court to reconsider

11/9/10 6ABC.com

OJ Simpson's legal team gets more time for appeal

10/23/10 Las Vegas Sun

O.J. Simpson appeal denied by Nevada Supreme Court

9/15/10 TMZ

Goldman Lawyer Rips O.J. for Taped Confession

7/6/10 GossipOnThis.com

WTF OF THE WEEK: O.J. Simpson is Engaged to His Prison Pen Pal?!?

6/11/10 Las Vegas Sun

Nevada Supreme Court hears arguments in O.J. Simpson case

4/30/10 BayNews9.com

Simpson acquittal suit arrives at Newseum

4/15/10 New York Post

OJ turns to baseball out of boredom

4/13/10 The Durango Herald

OJ lawyers get Nevada Supreme Court oral arguments

3/25/10 unzipped.net

OJ Simpson's Juice Brings All "The Girls" To The Yard

3/2/10 Las Vegas Review-Journal

OJ Simpson to spend his first Thanksgiving in prison

11/25/09 lehighvalleylive.com

OJ Simpson to spend his first Thanksgiving in prison

11/22/09 New York Post

Jailbird O.J. in killer shape

9/4/09 Yahoo!.com

Nevada high court denies OJ bid for prison release

8/19/09 SFGate

Goldman will refuse to sell Simpson footballs

6/30/09 the eagle.com

Nev. court schedules bond hearing for OJ Simpson

4/6/09 FOXNews.com

Former O.J. Simpson confidant ordered to court

3/2/09 charlotteobserver.com

Court to hear media challenges to OJ jury secrecy

12/21/08 Las Vegas Sun

O.J. transferred to Lovelock

12/19/08 KTNV ABC Channel 13 Las Vegas

OJ Simpson transferred to Lovelock Correctional Center

12/10/08 Yahoo!7 News

OJ Simpson co-defendants get probation

12/9/08 KTNV ABC Channel 13 Las Vegas

Former OJ Simpson Co-defendants Hear Sentencing

12/6/08 Yahoo! News

OJ Simpson faces spartan prison as lawyers appeal

12/3/08 KTLA.com

OJ Simpson Could Get 18 Years Behind Bars

11/7/08 Yahoo! News

OJ Simpson loses bid for new trial

10/14/08 KTNV ABC Channel 13 Las Vegas

Four Suspects In Simpson Case Will Be Sentenced December 9th

10/12/08 TPO.com

Attorney: Jailed O.J. believes he was 'railroaded'

10/8/08 KOLOTV,COM

OJ Simpson: New Trial?

10/6/08 ABC News

OJ Simpson Jury Says Witness Testimony Not Trusted

10/5/08 KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

O.J. Jurors Speak About Conviction

10/4/08 Yahoo! News

In the end, OJ Simpson comes up a loser in Vegas

10/2/08 kolotv.com

Possible Hung Jury For OJ Simpson?

10/2/08 CBS 6 WTVR.com

Closing Arguments in OJ Simpson Trial (5:47pm)

10/1/08 ReviewJournal.com

Defense rests in OJ's armed robbery trial O.J. Simpson Trial

9/29/08 Yahoo! News

Prosecution rests robbery case against OJ Simpson

9/29/08 New York Post


9/27/08 Yahoo!7news

Witness: OJ Knew About Guns

9/25/08 StarTribune.com

Alleged victim in Las Vegas robbery case alleges dealer set up him, OJ Simpson

9/25/08 Yahoo!7news

OJ told friends to brings guns: witness

9/23/08 daileypress.com

Witness who took plea deal in O.J. Simpson robbery case says his memory has gotten 'foggy'

9/19/08 Yahoo! News

Jurors hear audio of OJ Simpson 'robbery'

9/19/08 Yahoo! News

OJ jurors hear recording of hotel confrontation

9/18/08 New York Post


9/17/08 Yahoo! News

OJ Simpson Robbery Trial Begins

9/16/08 New.com.au

OJ Simpson robbery trial begins

9/12/08 Yahoo! News

All-white jury seated in OJ Simpson kidnapping case

8/27/08 CBS4.com

Police Called To Smackdown At OJ's House

8/4/08 Yahoo News

Co-defendant in OJ Simpson case pleads guilty

6/27/08 GMA NEWS.TV

OJ Simpson says he is being prosecuted because of notoriety

6/20/08 KVBC Las Vegas

OJ jury to be grilled before trial

6/20/08 KLAS Las Vegas

Man at Heart of OJ Case Talks to I-Team

5/22/08 Yahoo! News

400 jurors could be screened for OJ Simpson trial

5/20/08 First Coast News

OJ Simpson's Girlfriend Breaks Legs in Crash

4/24/08 Reality TV World

OJ Simpson won't be participating in the next 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

4/23/08 New York Post


4/8/08 ktla.com

OJ Simpson Owes Calif. $1.5 Million in Back Taxes



3/7/08 MSNBC

Nevada judge delays O.J. robbery trial

2/28/08 Yahoo!7newa

Judge refuses to postpone OJ trial

2/26/08 CBS2.com

Memorabilia Dealer In OJ Simpson Case Hospitalized

2/22/08 Yahoo!news

Renewal of OJ civil judgment upheld

2/2/08 Yahoo!7news

OJ Simpson seeks Vegas charges dismissal

1/17/08 iWon News

O.J. Released From Jail on Doubled Bail

1/17/08 4KNBC.com

Attorney: Simpson Posts Bond, Will Be Released

1/13/08 Yahoo!7news

OJ Simpson jailed in Las Vegas

1/11/08 cnn.com/crime

Prosecutor: O.J. Simpson violated terms of bail

11/28/07 News.com.au

OJ Simpson pleads not guilty to robbery

11/18/07 theWest.com.au

OJ Simpson to be pursued 'till death'

11/15/07 BBC News

OJ Simpson faces Las Vegas trial

11/7/07 4KNBC.com

OJ Simpson, Co-Defendants To Appear In Court Thursday

11/6/07 Eonline.com

Simpson and Goldman Fitted for Same Suit items

11/2/07 Yahoo! Sports

FBI learned in advance of O.J. Simpson's plan to retrieve personal items

10/29/07 AOL Sports

Third Man Agrees to Testify Against O.J.

10/25/07 tvnz.co.nz

New charge against OJ Simpson

10/13/07 amNewYork

Co-defendant to plead guilty in OJ case

10/6/07 news24.com

OJ's 'fake' Rolex returned

10/4/07 courttvnews

Court hearing set for Nov. 8 for O.J. Simpson, co-defendants in memorabilia robbery case

10/3/07 ABC News

OJ Simpson ordered to turn over Rolex watch

9/27/07 EURweb.com


9/23/07 TMZ.com

O.J. to Handyman: "I'm Going to F***ing Kill You!"

9/22/07 Telegraph.co.uk

OJ Simpson 'hid money offshore'

9/19/07 Bowral News

OJ charged with kidnapping, robbery

9/18/07 BBC News

OJ Simpson charged over robbery

9/17/07 Stuff.co.nz

OJ Simpson jailed as 'flight risk'

9/15/07 Yahoo! News

OJ Simpson questioned on alleged Vegas casino robbery

9/14/07 Foxnews.com

O.J. Simpson a Suspect in Casino 'Armed Robbery'

8/15/07 Yahoo! News

Beaufort Books to publish OJ Simpson book

8/14/07 Yahoo! News

New York company to publish OJ Simpson book: agent

8/8/07 Stuff.co.ng

OJ Simpson ordered to pay Goldmans

7/31/07 CNN.com

O.J.'s book proceeds will go to Goldman family

7/31/07 Yahoo!7 News

Victim's family gets rights to OJ book

7/12/07 First Coast News

Family Of Victim Seeks Share Of O.J. Book Rights

7/4/07 digital spy

Goldmans get rights to OJ Simpson book

6/18/07 Tampabays10.com

Judge awards Goldman family right to Simpson's canceled book

5/23/07 cbs2.com

Judge: OJ Must Give Money To Goldman Family

5/17/07 The Scottsdale Times


5/13/07 thewest.com.au

OJ Simpson won't sue eatery over ban

5/08/07 Yahoo! News

Return of the O.J. Media Circus

4/13/07 wgrz.com

Return of the O.J. Media Circus

4/10/07 CBS13.com

Rights To OJ Simpson Book Ready For Auction

3/25/07 CBS2.com

Judge Orders Auction For OJ Simpson's Book Rights

3/13/07 KTLA5

OJ Simpson's Book Rights to be Auctioned Publicly

3/8/07 Digital Spy

OJ Simpson could be Danielynn's dad

2/20/07 FOX19.com

Judge Rules OJ Simpson's Past Royalties To Be Paid To Ron Goldman's Family

2/13/07 contactmusic.com


2/8/07 CNN.com

O.J. Simpson ordered to stop spending

2/6/07 contactmusic.com


2/3/07 Yahoo!7 News

Judge rejects OJ Simpson book lawsuit

1/24/07 KTVU.com

Judge Refuses To Hear Fred Goldman's Lawsuit Against OJ

1/22/07 newKerala.com

OJ Simpson says he never laid a finger on murdered wife

1/20/07 CNN.com

Judge orders O.J. Simpson: Quit spending so much


Newsweek Publishes Chapter Of 'If I Did It'

1/4/07 contactmusic.com


1/2/07 contactmusic.com


12/19/06 Yahoo! News

Victims' families to sue over OJ Simpson 'If I Did It' book

12/12/06 PR Web

Controversial O.J. Simpson TV Show Hits the Internet

11/25/06 Mirror.co.uk


11/24/06 contactmusic.com


11/23/06 Daily Mail

OJ confesses to trying to cash in on his wife's death

11/23/06 contactmusic.com


11/22/06 MQ7.com

OJ Simpson: Nixed book on ex-wife's murder not a confession

11/22/06 Stuff

FOOTBALL OJ book removed from eBay after bidding war

11/22/06 contactmusic.com


11/21/06 contactmusic.com


11/20/06 Yahoo News

Murdoch cancels "ill-considered" OJ Simpson book, interview

11/17/06 contactmusic.com


11/14/06 Yahoo News

O.J. Simpson to discuss killings

11/02/06 Yahoo News

Parent of victim in OJ Simpson murder trial loses bid for image rights

10/23/06 contactmusic.com



Blood money row as OJ 'admits' killings

10/20/06 The National Enquirer


10/17/06 cbs4.com

Judge Rules Tentatively In Favor Of OJ Simpson

10/13/06 SouthFlorida.com

O.J. Simpson asks dismissal of petition seeking publicity rights

9/06/06 CourtTVnews

Goldman family pursues Simpson memorabilia to cover jury award

9/05/06 CNN.com

Goldman seeks control of O.J. Simpson's right to publicity

9/05/06 Inside Indiana Business

New Court Action Against O.J. Simpson Has Indiana Ties

8/28/06 Deadspin

OJ Simpson And Mike Ditka Play Sega

8/22/06 YubaBet.com (Satire Humor)

JonBenet Suspect 'Lacks Credibility,' Says O.J.

8/15/06 ABC30.com

O.J. Simpson Memorabilia Auction Held in South Valley

8/15/06 JudgeOJ.com

Sample Video Clips

8/15/06 ABC News

Web Site Shows Uncensored O.J. Simpson Video

8/8/06 contactmusic.com

OJ Hopes Internet Diary Will Clean Up His Tarnished Image

6/5/06 Tonight

Sex tape allegedly starring OJ Simpson leaked

5/31/06 KESQ News Channel 3

Simpson daughter Sydney gets community service in school incident

5/13/06 digital spy

OJ Simpson appears as Elvis impersonator

5/12/06 MSNBC

O.J. pulls Bronco prank

5/04/06 Yahoo.news

O.J.'s Derby Pick?

3/21/06 Blogcritics.org

Sidney Simpson Developing Criminal Record?

11/21/05 contactmusic.com


11/02/05 LOCAL6.COM

OJ Simpson Ordered To Pay $33,000 In Fees In DirecTV Court Case

10/1/05 MSNBC

O.J. Simpson makes rare public appearance

9/28/05 Google

O.J. Simpson To Make 1st Los Angeles Public Appearance In More Than Twelve Years

7/31/05 cbs2chicago.com

OJ Told To Leave Rosemont Sports Convention

7/26/05 Yahoo

O.J. Ordered to Pay DIRECTV $25,000 in Signal Theft Case

7/7/05 Contactmusic.com

OJ Simpson Caught Up In Brawl With Ex

5/23/05 Hollywood.com

IRS Threaten to Seize Simpson's Property

3/29/05 Yahoo! News

Superstar Lawyer Johnnie Cochran Dies

3/29/05 Newsday.com

Famed Attornie Johnnie L. Cochran Dies ar 67

2/15/05 Kron4.com

OJ'S Brother Was Driver in Shuttle Crash

2/2/05 Contactmusic.com

Simpson Named In Bartenders DUI Charge

1/27/05 The Vail Trail

Hangin' with OJ

1/25/05 Slam Sports

Collector ignores order to release OJ memorabilia

1/25/05 Fox19.com

O.J. Simpson Assets

1/19/05 The Miami Herald

Simpson's daughter charged with fighting

12/21/04 Celebrity Justice

Can OJ Pay?

11/25/04 Contactmusic.com


11/24/04 KYW NewsRadio 1060

OJ Simpson Memorabilia Seized

11/23/04 Krone4.com

Family in Court to Get Money OJ Owes

11/2/04 Celebrity Justice

Does Simpson List Suggest Valuable Stash?

10/28/04 contactmusic.com


10/22/04 contactmusic.com


6/10/04 Yahoo News

What Became of Property From O.J. Case?

6/10/04 Yahoo News

Famous Names From O.J. Simpson Trial

6/10/04 Yahoo News

Legacy of O.J. Simpson Case Still Debated

6/4/04 Yahoo News

O.J. Simpson Says Media Convicted Him

8/22/03 Yahoo News

O.J. Simpson Expresses Sympathy for Scott Peterson

5/15/03 Star Online

It's Raining Golf Balls on O.J.


O.J. reality TV show in the works

2/28/03 The National Enquirer Online

Daughter Saw OJ Murder Mom

1/30/03 ESPN

Lawyer says O.J. wasn't home at time of call

1/30/03 Fox News

Cop: O.J.'s Daughter Called 911 for Help in 'Abuse Thing'

11/16/02 MSNBC News

O.J. No Longer '100 Percent Sure' He is Innocent

11/06/02 Sun-Sentinal.com

Miami judge orders O.J. Simpson arrested in manatee case.

10/4/02 Latest News & Gossip - Star Magazine

O.J. wants to be the next Simon Cowell

6/12/02 Yahoo News

Federal judge tosses O.J. Simpson petition against civil award

5/13/02 Yahoo News

O.J. Simpson Denies Drug Allegations

5/12/02 toledoblade. com

Drug probe spotlights the secret life of O.J.

4/26/02 Yahoo News

O.J. Simpson files petition to overturn wrongful death judgment

4/17/02 Yahoo News

Law Firm Sues O.J. Simpson Over Fees

3/11/02 Sun-Sentinel.com

FBI: Ecstasy dealer supplied drug to O.J. Simpson

3/04/02 Yahoo News

Simpson Urges Cincinnati to Unite

1/23/02 Sun-Sentinel.com

Miami cops say O.J.'s ex-girlfriend isn't missing, knows about dead cat

1/22/02 Sun-Sentinel.com

Simpson's ex-girlfriend gets attention of police

1/10/02 Yahoo News

O.J Simpson's To Head Back To Court?

1/08/02 Yahoo News

O.J Simpson's Lawyer Seeks Payment

1/01/02 ctnow. com The Hartford Courant

1/01/02 Promoter Proclaim O.J. Non-Starter A Success

12/20/01 ctnow.com The Harford Courant

Simpson Event Draws Concern

12/11/01 South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com News

Miami grand juror allegedly tipped suspects in Ecstasy probe

12/10/01 The Miami Herald

Grand juror arrested after tipping off drug suspect; denies calling O.J. Simpson

12/08/01 The Miami Herald

Feds try to build theft case on O.J.

12/06/01 The Miami Herald

O.J.'s call led to raid of home

12/05/01 The Miami Herald

Federal agents search O.J.'s home in Kendall

12/04/01 CNN.com Law Center

FBI, DEA, local authorities search O.J. Simpson's house

12/04/01 The Washington Post

O.J.'s Home Searched in Drug Probe




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