Theory: The socks were planted
in OJ's bedroom by the police.
Later, blood was planted on the socks.



Remember Robin Cotton comes -- and she testified a long time
ago. I hope you all remember. She -- she told that you she
did DNA tests on this same blood from the back spot -- the
very same spot that Dr. Rieders was doing his testimony about
EDTA. And what did she tell you?

This is her Autorad -- remember, she talked to you about auto
radiographs, about when she did the RFLP tests. This one right
here, item 13, that's the socks -- that's the Autorad for the

This one right here, right here, is Nicole. And what she told
you is that's the blood from Nicole's reference vial. And she
also told you that this blood right here that's in the socks,
this DNA in the socks that's not degraded; it's in really good
shape. And she told you why.

She said if that blood was splashed onto those socks while Mr.
Simpson was committing the murders, and about 30 minutes or so
later, he took off the socks and left them on that rug in his
bedroom, where they air-dried overnight, that is a perfect
condition for preserving the DNA in those socks.

That's just as if a criminalist had taken a swatch right after
Nicole had been slashed and put it to air-dry. That's exactly
the circumstances that she described to us.

And as a consequence, that DNA in the socks, it's not degraded.
Then she said, let's take a look at the DNA out of the reference
vial. See that dark shadow? She said that's degradation. See this?
This is all degradation.

So she said the blood out of the reference vial is pretty degraded.
And she told us why. That reference vial was taken 24 hours after
Nicole was murdered. It had been sitting in her dead body until the
autopsy was done. And she explained that blood degrades under those
conditions, not separately.

So here you have degraded blood in the reference vial, no degraded
blood in the socks. That's what tells Robin Cotton, says therefore,
the blood on the socks couldn't have come out of the reference vial.




Triumph of Justice, The Final Judgement on the Simpson Saga.
Daniel Petrocelli with Peter Knobler

Dr. Cotton explained that when blood is drawn for testing by labs, it is preserved with the chemical EDTA, which stops the DNA in the blood from degrading. (Degradation is simply the breaking down of a chemical into its component parts over time.) But when she compared the degradation levels of Nicole's autopsy vial, Dr. Cotton found the autopsy vial contained the more degraded blood. The blood on the sock was fresher and richer in DNA content than the blood in the vial.

Once blood has degraded, it is impossible to raise its DNA count; you can't pony it back up. Under the conspiracy theory, the blood used to plant on the sock came from Nicole's autopsy vial, but that blood had a lower DNA count than the blood on the sock. Nicole's blood was fresher when it spurted out and splashed onto Simpson's sock as he was killing her than two days later when the coroner collected it. This completely destroyed the notion of any planting; its impossible for degraded blood to become fresh again. Nicole's blood on the sock could not have been planted.





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