Differences Between the Criminal Trial and the Civil Trial.

In the civil trial a strong part of Petrocelli's case was using Robert Heidstra to establish the time of the murders.  In the criminal trial Marcia Clark clung to her "Plaintive Wail Theory" arguing Nicole's Akita started it's barking about 10:20 the night of the murders.  She inferred that the Akita was barking because both victims were being killed.  She was incorrect.

In the criminal trial  Johnnie Cochran relied on Robert Heidstra as his key witness, to contradict that 10:20 time.  Heidstra told what he heard and saw that night while walking his dogs.  He was the closest to Nicole's Akita when it first started it's continuous barking.

Three other prosecution witnesses who supported the 10:20 time were simply mistaken.  All three were in their houses when they heard the barking start.  All three testified that the barking was unusual and once it started it was continuous.  Cochran presented five witnesses who were all outside at 10:20. All five contradicted that time.  Everyone heard the same barking at the same time.  It started just before 10:30.

Nicole's Neighbors

It's ironic that Cochran was forced to argue the correct time of the murders, to contradict Clark's incorrect time, yet he had to show that Simpson could not have been the killer.  Cochran argued Simpson did not have enough time to commit the murders at Bundy and be back at his house when he was seen by Allan Park, the limo driver, just before 10:55.

Cochran argued that it took the killer 20 minutes just to kill Goldman alone. His unrealistic claim was based on testimony from Dr. Michael Baden.  The prosecution presented witnesses who contradicted that time.  Baden later changed his opinion. 

In the civil trial, Dr. Werner Spitz demonstrated how it took Simpson only about a minute to a minute and a half to kill Goldman.

All of the witnesses gave time estimates regarding different events they saw and heard that night.  Allan Park, Simpson's limousine driver, testified to events that were supported by telephone records.

Murder Timeline


Robert Heidstra was an actual ear and eye witness to these murders.  He heard when Goldman arrived at Bundy and yelled at Simpson.  A short time later, he saw Simpson's Bronco speed away. Cochran tried to play down the fact that Heidstra saw a white Jeep like vehicle speeding away from the murder scene.

Robert Heidstra


A small mystery developed from different theories as to how, when, and why Simpson dropped his right hand glove behind Kato Kaelin's room?  Marcia Clark had one theory.  Petrocelli had a different one.

The Smoking Gun


Simpson had an accomplice after the murders who helped him by destroying incriminating evidence.  Petrocelli narrowed it down to one of three possibilities, AC Cowlings, Cathy Randa, and Arnelle Simpson.

Simpson trusted these three people. All three had a key to his house and knew the code to the house alarm.  But of the three, only Arnelle Simpson lived there.  The day after the murders, it was Arnelle's clothing that was found in Simpson's washing machine, along with a dark colored sweat suit.  Arnelle Simpson lied about these events.  She was impeached by five different witnesses, four LAPD detectives and Kato Kaelin.

Arnelle Simpson's Lies
Petrocelli's Accomplice Theory


In the civil trial, Petrocelli had the advantage of hind site.  He proved that Simpson was a liar and a killer.  To a certainty.

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