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There are many theories on the Internet that try to convince the reader that OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. All of these theories fall apart when they are closely examined. They are based on speculation and "what ifs", not on the facts and evidence.

These theories try to show how someone else committed the murders and framed Simpson or the LA police conspired to plant evidence and frame Simpson. They are wrong. OJ Simpson and only OJ Simpson was the killer. There was no planted evidence and there was no conspiracy to frame him.

During the murder investigation there were many mistakes that were made. Every time the defense found one of these mistakes, they used it to try and support their phony theories.

The defense team in the Criminal Trial can be credited with one really good critique of the LA Police Department. They looked into all the police procedures in the collecting and handling of the evidence. Every time they found a mistake they screamed conspiracy to frame Simpson. But there was no conspiracy. The defense could not produce one single piece of evidence to support their phony claims. Despite the mistakes the defense found, all the evidence pointed to Simpson and only Simpson as the killer. Credible Answers

There is no way anyone can make a reasonable argument that Simpson is innocent of the crimes. Every theory that tries, always falls apart when the true facts and evidence are known.


Impossible Theories...

Book "If O.J. Didn't..."

Book "The Framing Of OJ Simpson"

OJ Simpson Commits Murder
The LADA & LAPD Cover For Him

How Did Fuhrman plant OJ's glove?

The Bruno Magli Shoes

Evidence of Tampering with the Socks

Some facts about the evidence corruption in this case.

O.J. Simpson Is Innocent; Kaelin Is The True Murderer





Impossible Theory...

Book "IF O.J. DIDN'T . . ."

This entire theory is based on the authors incorrect conclusions and faulty logic that he believes someone else other than Simpson committed the murders. His theory starts by relying on the once again faulty conclusion and logic that Ron Goldman would not have been able to remove the glove from the killer during the struggle.

The key to the glove evidence is not how difficult it

was to put the gloves ON, but how difficult it was to

take them OFF again!

It should be obvious to anyone, that such tight

fitting, stretching gloves don’t simply slide off your

hands when you let your arms down! You have to

struggle extensively with both hands not only to put

them on, but even more so to get them off again!

Even if someone got a good grip at the opening of

one glove, it couldn't simply be ripped off!

Wrong. Simpson himself disproves this faulty conclusion. Watch the video of the Criminal Trial showing Simpson struggling to put the left hand glove on his hand over the latex glove he was wearing. Keep in mind that these gloves are cashmere lined which would make them easier to put on than if they were just all leather. But concentrate not on Simpson's acting to show how difficult they are to put on, but watch what happens after he has held his hand up and shown everyone the tight fit. Watch as he drops his hand to his side and what happens when the questioning has ended. Watch how he simply reaches over with his other hand and easily snaps the glove off, in a fraction of a second.

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Impossible Theory...


Let's us conjecture that the Killer was in MEZZALUNA on
the evening of June 12th, 1994. Let us also conjecture that
the killer was waiting for Ronald to compete his shift.
Wouldn't it be interesting if he overheard the call from
Nicole, and rather than follow Ron, seeking an opportunity
to compete his assignment, let us suppose the Killer went to
where he knew Ron would be. He simply went to Nicole's
and waited. Unfortunately for Nicole, the buzzer wasn't
functioning; this necessitated her emerging from her home
and coming across the killer lying in wait. Forced to kill
her, the murderer decides to leave, only to realize she wasn't
dead. He returns to finish her, and -- as luck would have it
-- Ron arrives. The killer finishes his asssignment -- THE
simply strolls to the rear.


Now let me understand this... the killer is at the MEZZALUNA Restaurant waiting for an opportunity to kill Ron Goldman. After overhearing a phone conversation he decides not to wait for Goldman to get off work to kill him, but to wait till later in the evening when Goldman would be going to Nicole's home.

First the killer steals Simpson's Ford Bronco parked outside the Ashford gate at Simpson's Rockingham estate. He uses it to drive to Nicole's home. He unlocks the Bundy rear gate and enters her property. The killer encounters Nicole Brown Simpson and kills her instead of Ron Goldman. But he then encounters Ron Goldman and kills him.

(It is pretty evident this theory can go no further. How does Simpson's blood, his hat, his hair, and his glove, get there?... and the real killer never leaves even a trace of evidence.)

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Impossible Theory...


The Rockingham Gate was unlocked at 7:30 AM on the 13th.
According to Kato, The Rockingham Gate was locked by the
remote control device at 11:15 PM on the 12th.
The altered status of the individual gates which form a linear
connection -- between Bronco & Glove -- which establishes the
glove was planted after Simpson departed for LAX, and prior to
(or concurrent with) its discovery by Fuhrman.
Having eliminated the impossible, the improbable becomes:
Someone tampered with the evidence, creating the illusion of intent to
frame O.J. Simpson -- effectively Framing a Guilty man.

The Rockingham Gate was unlocked at 7:30 AM the next morning after the murders by most likely Vannatter. According to Kato, the Rockingham Gate was locked by the remote control device at 11:15 PM the night of the murders? A little confusion here. The remote control did not lock anything. When the gate was closed, the gate was locked. The remote control was used to open the gate. The gate closed automatically and locked. It was possible to turn the power off to the gate, so that it could be opened manually. That is what Vannatter most likely did.

This whole theory is filled with so many inaccurate facts that any conclusions drawn except that Simpson was the killer are unsupportable. For example...

Alan Park arrives at Rockingham five minutes before Simpson
expected the limousine. The location previously occupied by the
Bronco is vacant.

Simpson did not expect the limousine to take him to the airport, to arrive before 10:45 PM..

As Goldman collapses against the "garden" fence adjoining the
neighbors property, the killer stands by the gate -- he isn't going
to leave this one alive. Taking the knife in his left hand, the
KILLER removes his right glove -- discarding it against the
gate fence. The glove falls into the low plantings.
Stepping forward, the Killer pokes Goldman with the knife; he
then uses his bare right hand to check for a pulse on Goldman's
neck -- blood from the neck wound attaches to the Killer's

Here is an example of trying to dream up what happened based on an inaccurate fact. The glove that was recovered from the Bundy murder scene was the left hand glove not the right hand glove.

Killer drives south, away from Rockingham. He drives to a
nearby location where he disposes of the knife, shoes and blood
stained clothes. Without noticing, Killer drops a glove on the
floor of the Bronco.

Total unsupported speculation.

Killer drives -- based on time constraints, at most -- two
minutes south of Bundy before discarding the evidence.
He had removed his blood stained shirt and set it on the drivers
side seat prior to entering the Bronco. Into it, he had tossed the
knife, left glove and his blood soaked shoes.
The Killer wrapped the knife and shoes inside the blood stained
shirt he was wearing; when he moves the items to the passenger
side, the glove falls to the floor where it will pick up assume
carpet fibers, and leave a stain that will later be interpreted as a

Total unsupported speculation and inaccurate fact. The bloody shoe print on the Bronco carpet to the left of the brake pedal was not made by a glove and misinterpreted as a shoe print. There was no doubt that it was a shoe print, in fact it was so defined that it was determined to be the same Silga sole print as the bloody shoe prints on the Bundy drive. Before Simpson left his Bronco, not only did he attempt to wipe up blood from the center console, but he placed a hat over the bloody shoe print, to hide it.

Working under the assumption that Detective Mark Fuhrman did
NOT tamper with any evidence, consider:
Only someone who knew of the noise, and had access to the glove,
could have placed it behind Kato's room. To do so,
he would need the opportunity -- Vannatter had five minutes
when his exact location is unknown.
he would need access to the glove -- if it was on the floor of the
Bronco, they would have it. This provides a second benefit -- the
glove would NOT be at Bundy, and thus not have been seen by the
four officers who were in a position to see it.
he might leave evidence of what he did -- evidence unique to an
LAPD detective.
That evidence might be observed -- even documented -- by
another Detective.

Once again pure speculation based on inaccurate facts. Fuhrman found out about the noise behind Kaelin's room  from his questioning of Kaelin. Following this lead he discovered the glove and then reported to Vannatter. The glove was not planted by anyone. Not by Fuhrman, not by Vannatter, not by anyone. It was dropped there by the killer Simpson.

The rest of this theory is just as inaccurate as the previous examples... Good bye theory.

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Impossible Theory...

How Did Fuhrman plant OJ's glove?

How could you put a glove inside another glove?

Well, it's not only possible, it's easy to do. If the glove being used as the "carrier" is a latex glove, it takes only a few seconds to:

1. using the hand wearing the latex glove, pick up the bloody glove;

2. turn the latex glove inside out, and stretch it OVER the bloody glove. (This compresses the glove into a small round package, making it easily to conceal on your person.)

3. Pocket the package. No fingerprints. No mess. This FIRST VIDEO shows how to do it in real time.

This author is correct in describing how to use a latex glove to carry a piece of evidence but it has nothing to do with Mark Fuhrman.

Mark Fuhrman had neither the opportunity, the motive, nor the means to plant the glove at Rockingham. The glove was not planted. It was dropped by the killer Simpson when he fell against the back of Kato's room after jumping his fence to enter his property.

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Impossible Theory...

The Bruno Magli Shoes
copyright: Bill Elisburg

Bill Elisburg questions how facts were presented to the public through the press. He also questions what most people understand about the photographs of Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes. He first makes the argument that with all of Simpson's public exposure, why were there no pictures of him wearing Bruno Magli shoes?

. And as O.J. has pointed out, everyone he ever met who had a camera handy wanted a picture of himself with O.J.'s arm around him. But despite the immense publicity of the criminal trial and an awareness of the Bruno Magli shoes that probably equaled or exceeded the awareness of the Major League baseball standings, no one ever came forward to say they had seen Simpson in those shoes; no one ever came forward with a picture of Simpson in those shoes.

After pictures did start appearing showing Simpson at a 1993 Buffalo football game and pictures of him posing with a black gentleman who just finished cleaning his shoes, the author refers to "miracle appearances". In each picture Simpson was wearing Bruno Magli shoes. Not only did he wear Bruno Magli shoes often, he wore different styles of Bruno Magli shoes. But the final clincher were the 31 pictures of Simpson taken the same day as the first picture that appeared. Expert testimony confirmed that the all the pictures were authentic. These pictures and the picture printed in a newspaper in 1993 proved Simpson wore Bruno Magli shoes with the same Silga sole that the killer wore.

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Impossible Theory...

Evidence of Tampering with the Socks

Board: PEOPLE'S Celebrity Crime Watch
Topic: Justice Denied
Author: Alan [Ivan X] Date: Sep 5 1997 2:14PM

This author uses all the defenses smoke and mirrors to make a case that there is something wrong with the socks. They try to argue that because blood wasn't observed on the socks when they were found that the only logical explanation is that the blood was planted sometime later and then reexamined and found.

Once again, new facts were brought out in the Civil Trial. Nicole's blood was splattered on Simpson's socks when Simpson killed Nicole. The socks were dark and the blood drops small. Later when Simpson removed his socks in his bedroom he did not see the blood. The criminalist who collected the socks did not see the blood. It wasn't until the socks were put under strong lighting that the blood was seen, then collected and tested. The results proved that the Nicole's blood on Simpson's socks was not planted.

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Impossible Theory...

Some facts about the evidence corruption in this case.

Reprinted from: PATHFINDER Crime Forum
Author: Ivan X
Date: Aug 19 1997 9:10PM

The author is very technical about the scientific facts and a strong supporter of Barry Scheck's argument of garbage in garbage out. The problem with that argument is the more you argue contamination from the less than perfect collecting and handling of the original samples the more dramatic the results are. Degradation and contamination do not change DNA. Despite degradation and contamination all the results point to and confirm Simpson's guilt.

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Impossible Theory...


This theory is totally unsupported and very funny.

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