Nicole's Neighbors


June 12, 1994 between 10:15 and 10:30 P.M. Nicole's neighborhood was quite. Danny Mandel and Ellen Aaronson walked past Nicole's condo. Denise Pilnak was outside her house with Judy Telander. Francesca Harman drove past Nicole's condo.


Ellen Aaronson,  July 11, 1995

"Nothing attracted my attention at all."

Denise Pilnak, July 11, 1995

"I never remember a night when it was absolutely still. There wasn't a sound to be heard."

Judy Telander, July 11, 1995

"It was very quiet. In fact, Denise and I had commented when we walked out to my car about how quiet and it was that kind of misty kind of L.A. evening where almost like a Halloween night. And I think I made a comment, or she did, that it was almost eerie it was so quiet."

Francesca Harman, July 11, 1995

"I didn't hear any kind of noise that I thought was unusual in any way."



Around 10:30 P.M. Nicole's Akita started to bark. Robert Heidstra was walking his two dogs and was about to turn onto Nicole's street. Pablo Fenjves was inside his house. Mark Storfer was inside his house. About ten or so minutes later a "little black dog" started to bark. Eva Stein was inside her house. Nicole's Akita continued barking for about another fifteen or so minutes. Elsie Tistaert was in her house.


Robert Heidstra, October 25, 1996

"Barking like crazy" "Like he was confused and panicky" "It was very loud barking. I never heard a barking like this before. It was very strange. Very strange." "Confused, panicking, but not attacking" "It was panicking, high barking, high barking, and constantly nonstop barking. Very strange. Very strange."

Pablo Fenjves, February 7, 1995

"It was fairly persistent, it was at a significant pitch, and as you may recall, I described it at the time as a plaintive wail. Sounded like a, you know, very unhappy animal."

Mark Storfer, March 6, 1995

"I was concerned that it would wake up my son, it was that loud and persistent."

Eva Stein, February 8, 1995

"Very loud barking of dogs"

Elsie Tistaert, February 8, 1995

"I told them (West Los Angeles police) there had been a dog barking for a long time and I thought they should investigate the reason therefore."


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