There are two common scenarios that are used to explain how and why Simpson was behind Kato Kaelin's room after he returned from Bundy.

Simpson entered his estate through his Rockingham gate or Simpson entered his estate by jumping his fence behind Kaelin's room.


Unrealistic theories.

The prosecution in the criminal trial pointed to Simpson's blood drops on his driveway, blood drops inside and outside the Rockingham gate, to suggest a blood trail. They said this suggested Simpson had entered his property through the Rockingham gate.  They then speculated that Simpson purposely went to the south path that was behind his house.

The prosecution theorized that Simpson purposely went back there to possibly dispose of the murder weapon. There was a garden area at the rear of the guest house. Maybe, they said, Simpson was going to bury the knife.  They speculated that, in the dark, Simpson ran into the air conditioning unit behind Kaelin's room, causing the noises Kaelin heard, and dropping his right hand glove. Simpson then supposedly changed his mind and returned back down the south path, the same way he came. He continued back around the garage to the driveway and was then seen entering his house.

This scenario is not only contradicted by the evidence, but its reasoning is flawed. Considering Simpson had rushed back home after the murders, only to see the limousine that was going to take him to the airport already parked at his gate, his greatest concern was not to be seen or heard entering his estate. Time was of the essence.  He most likely would not have taken any time to bury anything.  Simpson was not concerned about being seen entering his front door, he was only concerned about not being seen entering his estate.

Simpson did not walk blindly into the air-conditioning unit. Kato Kaelin always testified that the noises he heard were on his back wall, not the air-conditioning unit. Kaelin said that it sounded like a possible intruder fell against the wall. A picture on that back wall tilted from the impact.


Realistic Theory.

A more realistic scenario is that after parking his Bronco outside the locked Rockingham gate, Simpson walked up his neighbors property, looking for a place to jump his fence. He made his way back to where his fence was at it's lowest point, behind Kato Kaelin's room. Pushing his way through the thick foliage from his neighbors Eugenia trees, he scaled the fence, When he jumped off the top of the fence he hit the back wall of Kaelin's room before landing on the small cement path, dropping his right hand glove in the dark. Simpson recovered his balance, continued down the south path, and around the garage to his driveway.

How does this scenario account for Simpson's small blood drops on the Rockingham driveway, inside the gate? These blood drops only show us where he dripped his blood They do not tell us when or why. After Simpson walked back around his garage to the driveway, he could have gone the short distance down to the Rockingham gate, and then returned. He could have done this before or after he left the small dark bag on the driveway.

Simpson's blood drops on his driveway, just inside the Rockingham gate.

rockgate.jpg (87232 bytes)

Image provided by Dick Wagner

The argument that the blood drops outside and inside the gate tell us that Simpson entered that gate, is incorrect. The placement of Simpson's blood drops contradicts that argument.

The locked Rockingham gate could be opened by activating it three different ways.  Pressing a button just inside the driveway, using a remote control, or using a key in the outside gate control on the stone wall to the right of the gate.  When activated the heavy gate would slowly swing inward, from one side, stay open for about 30, 40 seconds, activate automatically, swing back and lock.  The gate could also be deactivated and opened manually.

Simpson had no working remote control in his Bronco. All of the evidence suggests that he didn't have his master key with him. And more importantly Simpson didn't want to be seen or heard entering his estate. It was not a silent gate.

Look at the blood drops. If Simpson had used his master key, to open the gate, it would open the same way as if it the button was pressed or the remote control was used.  As the gate activated and slowly swung open, Simpson would have entered on the left side. He would not have been in the position to drip two drops of blood in the center of his driveway. There is another explanation.


Simpson's Cell Phone.

We know that Simpson lied about his cell phone and his telephone calls. When asked about blood in his Bronco, Simpson said, the last thing he did before leaving for the airport (at 11:15 p.m.) was to get his cell phone out of his Bronco. He claimed he must have dripped his blood then. Simpson told the police that he called his girl friend, Paula Barbieri, using his cell phone while driving his Bronco. When telephone records showed that phone call was made at 10:03 p.m. Simpson changed his story. He then said that he had taken his cell phone out of his Bronco earlier in the evening, and when he went out to his Bronco before leaving for the airport, he went to get his cell phone accessories, not his cell phone..

Simpson lied. Simpson never went to his Bronco before leaving for the airport. He made up that lie when he was first asked about blood in his Bronco.

Simpson is contradicted by Allan Park and Kato Kaelin.


What could have happened. (Pure Speculation)

After returning from the Bundy, Simpson exited the Bronco carrying a small dark colored bag, and carrying his cell phone. He walked up to the locked Rockingham gate, and put the cell phone through the bars, on the driveway just inside the gate. He walked across his next door neighbors property, following the fence line. Pushing his way through the overgrown foliage, he scaled his fence to enter his property. He hit the back wall of Kaelin's room, and dropped his glove.

When he got back to his driveway, he went back to the Rockingham gate, retrieved his cell phone, and on the way to his front door, left the small dark colored bag on the ground behind his Bentley.


Supporting facts.

The tiny blood drops that Simpson dripped from his cut finger were at random. Dr. Robert Huizenga, his physician, told how the cut was on the joint of his finger. "The ones over your joint will be the one that just keeps breaking open and bleeding, you know, for extended periods." This cut would bleed, form a temporary clot, easily reopen and bleed again.

Simpson's regular parking place for his Bronco was on the street, outside his Ashford gate. not his Rockingham gate. Simpson could enter his closed Ashford gate without a key or without using a remote control. The Ashford gate had a defective hinge and could be opened easily if you knew how to manipulate it. Only the people who lived on Simpson's estate or who were close to him knew about this.

Simpson said in his deposition, that his Bronco key was on a key chain by itself. Simpson had another key chain, that he kept his important keys on. A master key for his house and security gate, his Bentley key, a key to his office, and a key to his New York apartment. According to what Allan Park observed, Simpson did not stop to unlock his front door, he just opened it and entered. .

The simple fact is that Simpson did not want to be seen or heard entering his estate. If he did have his master key with him and used it to activate the Rockingham gate, he would have been taking a double chance on being heard. First when it would slowly swing open, and a second time when it would slowly swing back and lock.

Photographic proof that Simpson scaled his fence to enter his property

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