Mark Fuhrman

Theory: Evidence was planted by the police-
Mark Fuhrman planted the glove at Rockingham.

The problem with this thinking is not only the logic but the facts. It starts with a major problem. There isn't one shred of evidence that points to anyone planting any evidence in this case, let alone Mark Fuhrman.

Evidence Dismissed. The Inside Story of the
Police Investigation of OJ Simpson.
Det. Tom Lange and Det. Philip Vannatter

Phillips and Fuhrman arrived at Bundy at 2:10 A.M. nearly two hours
after the first officers arrived. According to the official sign-in
sheet, they were the sixteenth and seventeenth police personnel to log
in. During the prior two-hour period, a captain, three sergeants, and
eleven patrol officers were listed on the sign-in sheet.

Fuhrman, who was not permitted to touch any evidence until a police
criminalist arrived, would have had to enter the secured perimeter, see
a glove that sixteen other police officers never saw, remove it, without
being seen by anyone, conceal it, and then plant it where Kato Kaelin
had heard the noise against his back wall, not knowing whether another
suspect would turn up in the interim.

In short, Fuhrman simply did not have the opportunity, let alone a
motive or means to plant the right-hand glove at North Rockingham.



Daniel Petrocelli's long list of points demonstrating
exactly why the theory that Fuhrman planted the
Rockingham glove is absolutely preposterous.

Triumph of Justice, The Final Judgement on the Simpson Saga.
Daniel Petrocelli with Peter Knobler

No one ever saw a second glove at Bundy. cops were crawling all over this crime scene for two full hours before Fuhrman arrived. They found one glove only, not two. There was no second glove at Bundy to plant at Rockingham.

For many hours after the discovery of the bodies, police were canvassing the Bundy neighborhood, knocking on doors, asking what people had seen or heard. How did Fuhrman know what this would reveal? What if someone had said, "I saw four short men with ski masks come tearing out of the condo and go running south on Bundy at 10:45? Or, "It was three white guys. One had red hair, one was blond, the third was six-foot-eight and had rings in his nose. Their car was blocking my driveway and I got the license plate"? Where's his frame job then? How did Fuhrman know an eyewitness would not walk right up to the police and say, "I saw the murders"? If he'd planted the glove at Rockingham and they'd caught a different killer, Fuhrman would go to jail. conceivably for life.

The crime scene was swimming in blood. How did Fuhrman know whose blood that was? The real killer could have dropped gallons all over the garden. It could have been anyone's blood. The killer would have been positively identified by this blood, clearing Simpson and leaving Fuhrman exposed.

What if the glove Fuhrman supposedly planted at Rockingham was covered with someone's blood other than Simpson's? To frame Simpson, you need Simpson's blood at Simpson's home. How could Fuhrman possibly know the blood on the glove was Simpson's?

What if Simpson had an air-tight alibi? Fuhrman was sleeping when the cops caught the call. How did he know Simpson wasn't on an airplane or at a restaurant or making a television appearance at the time of the murders?

There are no answers to these and many, many more questions except to say that this theory of the planted glove is absurd and discredited. It didn't happen. The glove was found at Rockingham for one reason: OJ Simpson dropped it there falling against a wall in the dark when returning from killing Ron and Nicole.





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