There is no reasonable doubt that

Simpson and only Simpson
Nicole Brown Simpson
Ronald Goldman



Fact: The killer used Simpson's white Ford Bronco for transportation to and from the murder scene.

Fact: All the of the blood collected from both crime scenes, the Bronco, the killer's glove, and Simpson's sock, came from only three people, the two victims and Simpson.

Fact: Blue black cotton fibers from the killer's clothes were found on Ron Goldman's shirt, on the killer's right hand glove, and on Simpson's socks.

Fact: All the relevant physical evidence points to Simpson and only Simpson as the killer.

Fact: Nothing eliminates Simpson as the killer.

Fact: The police never planted or tampered with one single piece of evidence.

Fact: Someone helped Simpson after the crime, by disposing of evidence.




Triumph of Justice
The Final Judgment on the Simpson Case
Daniel Petrocelli with Peter Knobler

Simpson Depositions February 1996

In the end, what emerged was that, despite his denials, Simpson did not have good explanations for the incriminating evidence. He didn't have credible explanations that pointed to innocence. No believed explanation for the cuts. No explanation at all for why there were pictures of him wearing the same gloves worn by the murderer, and no idea where "his" pair might be.

He didn't know exactly how he cut himself, how "a glass broke, "yet he knew exactly what he did every second between nine-thirty and eleven, when the murders were committed, including the sequence of golf clubs he used while supposedly sculling balls in the dark on his property. He acknowledged there wasn't a single living human being who could account for his whereabouts between 9:30 and 11:00 that night.

He gave embarrassing denials of ever having hit Nicole; these would make it easy for us to prove he was a liar. He previewed his Trashing of Nicole defense - pointing the finger at her, her lifestyle, and her friends as the cause of her death - but was unable to provide a shred of evidence to back it up. He couldn't point to any individuals with whom she had any serious conflict or problems in her life, other than himself.

There was nothing in his deposition that remotely pointed to the identity of any other possible killer. Simpson told the world, in a prepared statement read by his son on the occasion of his acquittal of criminal charges, that he would devote a great part of his life to finding the "real killer." He couldn't point to one thing he had done, from that moment to the time of this deposition, to find such a person. He couldn't point to a single piece of solid evidence that said, "Look, this shows I am innocent." Nothing. Nothing at all.

On top of that, Simpson did not live up to his billing as a charming, seductive communicator. He didn't look good as a witness. He slumped in his chair, stared vacantly, delivered answers robotically, and showed no energy, no punch. He did not take this deposition as an opportunity to sell his innocence.

So while he didn't confess, lead us to the murder weapon, break down, or throw anything at me, my verdict was that he was vulnerable as a witness at trial. I felt that with a carefully constructed cross-examination and all the facts in our hands, he could be beaten. Provided we could build the case to show that most of what he said was lies.

Demonstrable lies. Not lies because we said they were lies, or lies because they were improbable; we had to prove Simpson told demonstrative lies. We needed witnesses to contradict him and documents to impeach him. If you sat and listened to Simpson's story it was completely unbelievable, it made no sense. And before that, we needed a jury who would listen.


...And then, the Bruno Magli shoes. The Scull photographs, one of which not only shows Simpson wearing Bruno Magli Lorenzo style shoes, but Bruno Magli Lorenzo style shoes with Silga soles. The same size and exact sole pattern that was left in blood at South Bundy by the killer, as he walked around the murder scene and out the rear gate.

Thirty Flammer photographs taken the same day, at the same football game, September 23, 1993 confirmed the authenticity of the Scull photographs. Simpson was wearing the identical clothes Scull had photographed him in. The jacket, the tie, the white shirt, the slacks, and the Bruno Magli Lorenzo style shoes. One of these thirty pictures of Simpson wearing the Bruno Magli shoes, had even been printed in the Buffalo Bills newsletter seven months before the murders.

The same make, style and size shoes that Simpson swore he never owned or wore.


I evaluate the evidence for what it is, not for what the defense fantasizes it is.

I agree that there is police corruption, planting of evidence, etc. that may occur somewhere, but it certainly did not occur in this case.

The criminal trial defense attorneys conducted the highest paid, most intensive critique of the LAPD that they ever had. And they found a lot of mistakes. But that is all they ever found...human error. Not one mistake ever discredited the actual evidence.

The Simpson criminal defense team used the 'Defense of Human Error'. Every time they found a mistake, they screamed it was not a mistake, it was intentional. It was a police conspiracy to get Simpson. There was no police conspiracy.

There was no planting of any evidence. Every time the defense screamed planting of evidence, they failed to prove even one fact to support it. Every accusation was proven wrong, as the true facts became know.

Simpson was paying for a strong defense team and he got it. A defense team, who after resorting to any means to win, did win, but at a cost to their reputations. 


"The prosecution of O. J. Simpson was the most incompetent criminal prosecution I
have ever seen...The reality is that the two prosecutors could hardly have been any
worse...It was only the greater incompetence of the prosecution that saved Cochran,
Shapiro, Bailey, and Scheck, et. al, from defeat.
" Vincent Bugliosi


The Civil Trial was the real search for the truth and the truth was found. Simpson was proved to be a liar and a killer. The civil trial jury unanimously found him responsible for both deaths to a certainty. The Plaintiffs were awarded 33.5 million dollars.

"In the civil trial, the plaintiffs did not merely prove that Simpson was the killer by a preponderance of evidence, which is the burden of proof that they had to meet in this case. The plaintiffs didn't prove it merely by clear and convincing evidence, which is yet another burden of proof. The plaintiffs didn't prove it merely by proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the standard of proof that applies in criminal cases. The plaintiffs proved it to a certainly. " Daniel Petrocelli


It is interesting to think of what the case would have been like if it were tried today. With social media and news apps on people's phones, that gives you instantaneous information and the greater prevalence of the internet, it makes you wonder. Would OJ have taken to Twitter and posted a damning message? Would millions of eyes being able to view every aspect of the presented evidence result in better expert testimony? Just imagine the Bronco chase happening today. Instead of an aerial camera and a few eyewitness accounts, there would be YouTube videos and cell phone pictures by the hundreds. Smartphones with GPS apps would have reported OJ's exact location at almost any time of the day in question. Although we will never know, and the final verdict of the case will never change, it is interesting to ponder how technology would have influenced the case. Just look at how mini pocket recorders and factored  into Simpson's 2007 burglary convection


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