Alright OJ!


Simpson did kill Nicole and Ron. But it wasn’t easy. He made a lot of mistakes. The situations he encountered were unexpected.

Ironically, it all started with an unexpected phone call from his housekeeper.

The first disaster, was the unexpected arrival of Ron Goldman.

And then, the unexpected substitute limousine driver, Allan Parks.

In each event Simpson left incriminating evidence. But in the Criminal Trial it didn’t really matter. It all came down to the Race issue.


Read this opinion by THE 'LECTRIC LAW LIBRARY'S Head Librarian Ralf.

Head Librarian Ralf My position on the whole matter (and the only correct one, I assure you) is: Of course he killed them... So What? Who gives a flying frog? Hey, I'm not defending murder, but everyone loses their cool occasionally... It's only human...Haven't you? Besides, we give all kinds of medals and glory to 'war heroes' for slaughtering every living thing they can find... men, women & children... Don't we? And the more they kill, the more medals and promotions they get... & it's a well known fact that the top killers get to do certain things... [you know... 'sleep' things... 's*x' things] with the wife of whoever's President.

I mean, talk about rewards! But how many of them ever ran 230+ yards through the 'Steel Curtain' with Mean Joe Green trying to rip their legs off??... Or gave us an excuse to get drunk and yell on a Sunday afternoon?... Or thrilled us with witty repartee with Howard Cossell?... And I won't even mention the great movies. I mean, talk about screwed-up values. No wonder kids today are in the shape they're in!!!

As far as I'm concerned, O.J. should be allowed to butcher all the people he wants to (within reason) as a reward for all the joy he brought us. Hell, he should get 5 or 6 freebies just for those Hertz commercials. It's the only logical, moral and right thing to do... And if you don't agree you must be some kinda right-wing, socialist, nazi, commie moron!


I agree. Give the man the credit he is due. He did it, he got away with it.

Yes, he had to spend some time in jail, but it wasn’t really that bad. Everything turned out better than he could have expected. Not only is he known around the world, he doesn’t even have to work anymore.

Hey, it may be tough living on $25,000 a month, and it may be tough forced to do nothing but play golf all the time, but...they do have their good points.


Alright OJ!





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Bob August