The Real OJ  

This is a story about the private person Orenthal James Simpson, not the public spokesperson OJ Simpson.

This is about the OJ who knows all the back ways to enter and leave his Rockingham estate. Who knows all the fences around his property and where to jump or climb over them. All the paths and trails, all the trees and bushes, all the places he can and cannot be seen. 

This is a story about the real OJ, when there are no cameras on him, no people watching him.






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The Bundy Murders

Conclusion Crime Scene Photographs
    Murder Timeline
        Marcia Clark's Plaintive Wail Theory
        Nicole's Neighbors
        *The Smoking Gun*
     Petrocelli's Accomplice Theory
        *Arnelle Simpson's Lies*

    *OJ's Bronco*
    Other Theories
    OJ Gossip
    Alright OJ!
    For the Gullible
    Updated Simpson News



The OJ Simpsons - If I Did It (Directors Cut)

Osama bin Laden


Operation Iraqi Freedom


The Best Card Trick You Will Ever See

A Really Quick Intelligence Test

Psych Test

The Third Sniper


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